Haiku by Lisa Rigge


Published in the Aurorean




dusty afternoon
tapping at old computer keys
rain drizzles

cold milk
dances in the strawberries
Sunday morning





Published in the Valley Time Newspaper



walking in darkness
Christmas lights glow - and
crickets chirp





a pair of doves
on a sunlit fence
quivering with kisses 

wings aglow
the owl silently glides
through the willows

a trail of feathers
stretches across the back porch
a life for life

summer morning
two quails dash across the road
small footprints scatter dust

bittersweet summer
the doves have flown from the nest
who knows where they go

our hearts
are big enough to remember
nature’s way and you

leaf blowers are silent
the hummingbird hovers at
the bottle brush plant

puddles on the ground
a robin and a sparrow
compete for a bath      

early March morning
the young dove in the garden
growing with the plants

pairs of crows
dance in the sky
as if the last spring

that eternal quest
ten-thirty in the morning
the mockingbird still sings




Published in Modern Haiku




long winter
the letter crumpled
on his bed




spring thaw
our fingers entwined
across the bed




almost lost
in the penstemons





Alameda County Fair - Silver Award



in the summer reeds
sounds of swaying blackbirds
under setting sun



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