Old Faithful



I love to go back to hang around,
wait for the next discharge of "Old Faithful."
A remaining predictable event on earth.
The geyser does not know how to quit.

Boiling water simmers to gather steam, 
an inner rhythm dictates all the prep work.
Always ready for the next dutiful eruption. 
Show after show, with or without the audience.

A regular interval, a rest, an intermission. 
The repetitive performance is breathtaking.
Hot spring blessed with standing ovation.
The lore gets verified, the legend continues.

Does old faithful erupt with a mission?
Is it an exhibition of never giving up?
Ever tired of keeping up with the clock?
Never concerned about running out of steam?

Gush, surge, blast the steam heaven bound.
A persistent insistence, a never-ending battle.
Is it too late to stop predicting the end is nigh?
Too soon to despair for the future of humankind?

Old faithful speaks out in multiple encores,

holds on to the eternal principle.

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