Excerpt from W. Wayne Lin's New Book

A Stream Keeps Running


A  Stream Keeps Running

(After 18 Months, 7 Emergency Room Trips)



Around the clock,
sculpts the valley and rock,
passes the backyard children play.
The innocence of youth never fades.
The stream, the creek, the brook,
the rivulet,
hunts for the river never found.
The sea, the ocean, is far away.

Lost in the forest,

the end is near. 

Obstructed by gorge,
merges and emerges,
drip by drip,
down the cliff,

drops into a falls.


A stream keeps running.

Through cleft, swale and gully,
clear bubbles on the pebbles,
bobs up babble, yet to be cleared.

A stream keeps running.


On a trusted path,
derailed by the wrong beat.
Skips, lags, omits.
Out of sync,
Sinks, sinks, sinks.
In the autumn chill,
shiver is the normal thrill.
On a path that is lost,
the road left,
difference will never be made.
Dry in the summer heat,
frozen in the winter blizzard,
still in the quick sand,
awaits the missing beat.


A stream keeps running.


Sunrise sunset remains bright.
Shines with the same light,
identical silence in the night.

A stream keeps running.



Copyright 2013


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Published in the book “Selected Poems (2002-2017)”






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